What Is Bluehost WordPress Hosting? Plus WP Pro Reviewed

Bluehost WordPress Hosting is a package that is dedicated to site builders using WordPress. The hosting package is specifically designed and optimized for use and performance by removing unnecessary bloat. 

Bluehost has been a recommended host by WordPress since 2005. They have the WordPress tools and features you’ll need to build, manage, and update your website. 

Under Bluehost there are actually two types of hosting that are specifically catered to WordPress users, they are:

  • Bluehost WordPress Hosting
  • Bluehost WP Pro Hosting

In this article, we’ll discuss both types of hosting – their differences, similarities, and who are the specific target audiences of each type of hosting, so that you can be sure that you buy the correct package.  

What is Bluehost WordPress Hosting?

Bluehost WordPress Hosting websites are hosted under a shared server. This is similar to the normal Website Hosting or Shared Hosting service, but with Bluehost WordPress hosting, most of the sites sharing one server are managed via WordPress. 

What Is Included in Bluehost WordPress Hosting?

Just like the different types of hosting offered by Bluehost, the Bluehost WordPress Hosting service has basic inclusions on this hosting service. Most of the included features are geared towards beginners who don’t have in-depth know-how on installing, registering, and updating their website. Check out these features and their respective functions on the table below:

Automatic WordPress InstallationIf you purchase any hosting plan under Bluehost WordPress hosting, the latest version of WordPress is automatically installed to your website, securing WordPress’ maximized functionality and security.
Automatic WordPress UpdatesNo need to download WordPress updates, manually as under Bluehost WordPress hosting, updates are automatically installed to your WordPress. 
Microsoft Office 365If you have Microsoft 365, you can access any Microsoft Office email accounts easily. 
Domain and SubdomainsIncluded in all the plans are free domains in the first year as well as domains and subdomains to your liking. The number of domains and subdomains you can create is dependent on the hosting plan you’ll purchase. 
Google My BusinessIf you’re using your website for business purposes, you can have your business be verified with Google so you can add business details online. 
SSL CertificationGive your visitors a sense of security with SSL Certificates – for free, as it is included in all plans. 
Marketing CreditBluehost includes $200 marketing credit on Bluehost WordPress Hosting plans, enabling website owners to boost the popularity of their websites. 
Customer SupportCustomer support is provided to all customers of Bluehost, but if you’re under WordPress hosting, expect the service agents to be highly knowledgeable with WordPress features and jargons! 
WordPress ThemesFree and Premium WordPress themes are available to use in your account. Get that theme and make sure your website’s layout and aesthetics fit your theme! 

Bluehost WordPress Hosting Plans Compared 

Similar to the Shared Hosting service by Bluehost, the Bluehost WordPress Hosting Plan also has three types of hosting plans – Basic, Plus, and Choice Plus. Take a look at the summarized comparison of each plan on the table below:

Bluehost BasicBluehost PlusBluehost Choice Plus
1st Year Cost$2.95 per month$5.45 per month$5.45 per month
Annual Renewal After 1st Year$7.99 per month$10.99 per month$14.99 per month
Free Domains Included in Plan111
Parked Domains Allowed5UnlimitedUnlimited
Subdomains Allowed25UnlimitedUnlimited
SSD Storage50 GBUnmeteredUnmetered
Microsoft Office 365 MailboxNone11
CodeGuard Basic BackupNoneNoneIncluded
Marketing Credit$200 Included$200 Included$200 Included
  • The significant difference between the three plans is the annual cost after the first year. 
  • The Bluehost Basic Plan is recommended for website owners who will be using limited domains and uploading small-sized content into their website.
  • The only difference between the Plus and Choice Plus plan is the availability of CodeGuard Basic Backup in the Choice Plus plan.

What is Bluehost WP Pro Hosting?

WP Pro Hosting is considered an upper-class type of WordPress Hosting. The websites will still be hosted under a shared server, however, there added services, features,  and tweaks to improve your website’s performance. Most of the websites under WP Pro Hosting are business websites – they tally thousands + visitors in a day and are filled with media and content. 

To know more as to what features are included in the hosting plans, let’s check them out below:

What Is Included in Bluehost WP Pro Hosting?

All the items listed under Bluehost WordPress Hosting’s basic inclusions are included in WP Pro Hosting, while here are some of its upgraded features and added services:

Marketing CenterA dashboard wherein you can monitor your website’s SEO and social media making it easier to monitor your website’s performance and popularity through that dashboard. 
Data AnalyticsIf you have a Google Analytics account, you can easily integrate it into your website to monitor your website traffic. 
Unlimited Websites, Domains, and SubdomainsBuild as many websites and point them to any of your desired domains or subdomains – there is no limit in WP Pro Hosting.
Unlimited Web StorageWith unlimited web storage, you can upload as many site content as you want into your website
Staging EnvironmentWith a staging environment, you’ll be able to test and review any updates of your website before publishing it live to other internet users.
Spam ProtectionProtect your website from harmful and malicious content with Akismet. 
30-Day Money-Back GuaranteeIn the first month of purchasing a hosting plan – if you feel like the hosting is not suited to your taste, you can refund the hosting cost charged to you. 

Bluehost WP Pro Hosting Plans Compared 

There are three plans under WP Pro Hosting – Build, Grow, and Scale. They are respectively the basic, mid-tier and premium plan 

Bluehost BuildBluehost GrowBluehost Scale
1st Year Cost$19.95 per month$29.95 per month$49.95 per month
Annual Renewal After 1st Year$29.99 per month$39.99 per month$59.99 per month
Site AnalyticsBasic Jetpack Site AnalyticsJetpack Premium Jetpack Pro
BackupsDaily ScheduleDaily ScheduledUnlimited Backups and Restore
Malware Detection and RemovalIncludedIncludedIncluded
Domain Privacy and ProtectionIncludedIncludedIncluded
Business Review ToolsNoneIncludedIncluded
Bluehost SEO ToolsNoneIncludedIncluded
Paypal IntegrationNoneNoneIncluded
Video CompressionNone10 GB AllocationUnlimited
Elastic SearchNoneNoneIncluded
  • The Build Plan is perfect for website owners who only need essential premium services such as backups, privacy, and security of the website. 
  • The Grow Plan has all the features included in the basic plan but has added services which cater to business-related websites. 
  • The Scale Plan is the most premium out of the three and its features are aimed at optimizing the performance and content of the website by having tools such as elastic search, video compression, and Paypal integration. 

Bluehost WordPress Hosting vs. Bluehost WP Pro Hosting

Below is a diagram showing a quick comparison between the two types of WordPress Hosting:

Shared Hosting vs Managed Hosting

From the in-depth definition of each type of hosting discussed above, we can conclude that Blueh WordPress Hosting and WP Pro Hosting are similar to each other because of the following:

  1. Both types of hosting utilize WordPress’s features and tools (e.g. automatic updates, themes).
  2. Both types of service offer essential inclusions needed to run your websites such as domains, storage, and email.

However, the distinguishing feature between the two is the services included in each type of hosting: 

  1. Bluehost WordPress hosting only includes basic essential services such as customer support, backup, and marketing credit.
  2. WP Pro Hosting has specific tools and services that can be used for various specific functions such as cash transactions (Paypal Integration), securing website files (Malware Detection and Removal), and unlimited video content upload (Video Compression).

Bluehost WordPress Hosting

Perhaps the reason why there are two types of WordPress hosting in Bluehost is that with two types of hosting, Bluehost can offer more specific types of services to those who need it. If you’re wondering as to what type of hosting or plan you should get, here are some points to consider before you decide:

Who Needs Bluehost WordPress Hosting?Who Needs Bluehost WP Pro Hosting?
For website owners who are beginners and are looking to build a simple and personal website.Websites who don’t expect too many visitors in a single day. For those who are on a tight budget. Websites that are business in nature – contain sensitive customer information or data and have online transactions.For website owners who want to significantly improve their website performance (e.g. uptime and load time) through the aid provided by the added services.