What do web hosting companies provide?

For those of you who don’t know what web hosting is, web hosting serves websites online, storing data and keeping them alive. Web hosting is required to keep websites active, enabling users to download the content and access the information. With blogging and websites becoming even more popular than they ever were as we move further into the digital age, there are a number of web hosting companies that offer varied services. 

Do you want to get a website for your organization? Do you want it to be the best one as well? The first thing you need is good web hosting. Why is this so? Let’s have a look.

Now, how does this work? Like what things do web hosting companies provide when you buy web hosting. Let’s see below.

What do web hosting companies provide?

The first thing that they require from you is your private web domain. Web domain is a private name registered for your site on the internet. If you haven’t bought a web domain, they will help you buy it. After this, they will decide the package for your hosting with you. 

After registration, the final product will be your website published on the internet with some additional features. The following are the things you will get from your web hosting company.

FTP Access

File Transfer Protocol allows for the uploading of files to a web server. Files can be accessed via the folder to be modified or transferred. FTP is widely used and a must for most website developers.

Cloud Storage 

The website that you build will be stored on a web based cloud. This contains all of the files required to keep your website online for the browser to fetch the information. The amount of storage varies, but for most websites more than 5GB will be adequate. 

E-mail Address

As mentioned above, the hosting company only provides hosting on their own while the domain name and address is given by the website owner. Therefore, with a website hosting, a private e-mail address is also allotted. This email address comes with the specific domain you gave for example [email protected]

Customer Support

The third and most important thing is customer support. When you buy web hosting from a company, you join its platform and the company then becomes responsible for the background working of your site. It is a key feature that is given by almost every web hosting provider. 

SSL Certificate 

Most companies offer an SSL free of charge but there are some that have this as an additional cost. The SSL certificate protects your site from typical malware and protects the user from downloading unwanted files without permission. You’ll have noticed a lock symbol next to the web address – this is an SSL. If you are using WordPress there are some plugins that provide this for free. 

Domain Name 

Most web hosting companies now offer a free domain name for your website when you sign up for hosting. So before you buy your website name, check with your provider first to save you some money and the convenience of them being on the same platform. These are the three things that almost every web hosting provider gives when you pay for web hosting. 

Do companies offer more features?

About this, the more sugar you add in your tea, the sweeter it will get. The same is the case with web hosting companies. It all depends on how much you pay for the web hosting to them. As mentioned above, these three features are given with the cheapest package and in my opinion, these are enough to keep your site working fine. However, there are many additional features provided by web hosting companies but again, it depends on the package you choose. Now let’s have a look at the packages.

How much does it cost to get a decent web hosting?

Website hosting can vary with pricing starting from $3 per month to $700 per month or even higher. This is an estimate of what people mostly buy. The price package depends on how many visitors will be viewing your site along with the amount required for storage.

The price also depends on the type of hosting service you want for your website. For example, for those people who need simple web hosting services for WordPress sites, it would cost around $5 – $500 per month. On the other hand, a complex dedicated web hosting for a large gaming website would cost around $100 – $800 per month. Again, the price tag depends on the type of hosting and the features you want to add on your website. 

What additional features do web hosting companies provide?

As we discussed above, all web hosting companies provide the basic three features at the lowest price package. Also, there are some additional features provided as well. There is a certain traffic limit on your website that is fixed, any increase in the number of visiting persons will slow down your website. So, as an additional feature, you can pay the company to increase the traffic limit on your website.

The same is the case with storage capacity. When you buy web hosting services, a certain amount of data storage is allotted to you. All the data you put on your website stores on the company’s server. In case you want to increase this limit, you can pay for it.

Privacy and security is another important feature that is mostly not found in web hosting services. Although, security and privacy services are primary features and are given without even mentioning them their quality is not reliable. So, you can add a special privacy and security tool to prevent your website from a cyber-attack. This feature is used in case you are running a website with private and sensitive data on it.

Many other features like uptime, bandwidth, and control panel access can also be bought additionally from web hosting providers.

What are some of the best web hosting companies?

We have gathered data about some of the best web hosting providers and their best services. Let’s have a look.


If you are looking for the best web hosting services, then Bluehost Web Hosting is popular. It offers basic shared hosting from $2.95 monthly on a three-year contract, with WordPress plans to start at $20 per month. Apart from the rates, Bluehost is one of the most reliable web hosting providers. The following are the services Bluehost provides.

Bluehost provides complete 24/7 customer support. So, you need not worry anytime for your website to crash or slow down. They offer a basic web builder to their customers. Web hosting is the first step that is different from website creation. That need is fulfilled with the help of Bluehost’s basic web builder.

Another feature that comes with Bluehost Web Hosting is WordPress. They offer an automated setup for WordPress as well. Bluehost is one of the best web hosting providers. Therefore, if you want reliable and cheap web hosting services than Bluehost Web Hosting is a good choice.


When it comes to restriction-free smooth web hosting services, HostGator is the best choice. HostGator also have their name in some of the best web hosting providers. Also, with their most reasonable rates and extra features, HostGator is a big deal. Let’s have a look at some features offered by HostGator.

The special thing about HostGator is that they offer the most features without any restrictions to their customers. These features include no limit to bandwidth, storage, databases, and email accounts. Another thing about HostGator is their money back feature. They provide a complete money-back guarantee after 45 days of delivery.


Among all the web hosting service providers, Hostinger provides some of the most reasonable price plans. The cheapest package starts at $1. Due to this, Hostinger has over 30 million users till now. Let’s see some of its features.

As mentioned above, Hostinger offers the cheapest web hosting services among all service providers. A small amount of $1 would be enough to kick start your website on the internet.

Hostinger has the most user-friendly services. All of their features are easy to understand and easy to manage. A bonus feature by Hostinger allows you to have four times processing power and memory for your site. This feature can come quite handy during the time of business and high traffic.