What is Web Hosting and how does it work?

Having a website for your business is very important for its growth as more than half of the world’s population is already online. Having access to the marketplace of more than 4.57 billion people will unlock the new opportunities for your business but first, you need to set up your website and you will need good web hosting for it. In this comprehensive guide, you will learn what is web hosting and how it works. Let’s get started.

What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is the service that provides you with the server where you can store the files and host your website. A server is a special type of computer which is designed to host the websites and it comes with all resources which it will need. 

When you store your website on web hosting, you make it available for all users of your website. Anyone, who has the domain address of your website, will be able to access your website. Web Hosting companies have the all resources to ensure that your website stays live 24/7. 

Web hosting companies are also responsible for the maintenance, security, and functionality of the server. The companies offer all these services for monthly or yearly subscriptions.

Why do you need Web Hosting?

Now the question arises why you need web hosting when you can simply use your laptop or PC as a server to host your own website. Technically, you can do it but let us explain why it would be a bad idea.

The biggest problem with hosting your website on your laptop or PC is that it is not good for the health of your machine. Running & maintaining servers is not an easy task, and the companies spend thousands of dollars and hire the experts to ensure that servers keep performing at the highest levels. 

It is also not possible that you run your server 24/7 as it will compromise the performance of your Laptop or PC. You can also face problems such as power outages and slow internet which will compromise the availability of your website. You will also need a static IP Address to run your server which will cost you great money too. 

Also, you will have to allocate the maintenance fund for your hosting operation which will also cost you a lot of money. You will need to spend hundreds of dollars to keep running this operation which is not a smart idea especially when you can host your website for a few dollars a month.

How Web Hosting Works?

When you host your website on a hosting service, you simply rent out their services and server space to store your website. The Web hosting company allocates the space and resources according to your package. You also get access to a control panel where you can manage the resources and all the data on your website. 

Once you set up your website, your website will go live, and it will be accessible for anyone who has the domain address of your website. You will also be in full control of your website and you will be able to make changes using the control panel.

Web Hosting Services

When you will start looking for web hosting for your website, you will come across tons of web hosting services and all of them offer a variety of features. In this section, we will highlight some of the most important features or factors that you should consider when choosing the web hosting company for your website. 


If the website offers anything below 99% uptime then it is a big red flag. Always pick a web hosting which should at least offer 99% uptime. The majority of good web hosting companies guarantee 99.9% uptime. 

Customer Support

If you run a website then there are chances that you may come across some problems and you will need responsive customer support to solve the problems. So always make sure to pick a company that offers quick customer support.

WordPress Support

If you are planning on using WordPress for your website then you must pick a hosting that is optimized for WordPress websites. 

Backup Services

Backup service is another important feature which you should consider especially if your website is dynamic. Almost all hosting companies offer backup services but frequency varies from package to package. If your website is dynamic then you should pick a package that offers daily backup.


If you own an online store or any website where users share their sensitive data such as personal information, their credit card info, or any other details then you must pick a hosting company that offers impeccable security.

Email Accounts 

If you want to use the email address associated with your domain name then it is important to pick a hosting that supports it. Some hosting companies offer this feature for free while some of them charge you a monthly fee.


If your web hosting has the FTP support, it will allow you to upload your website files directly from your computer. 


Now you know what web hosting is and how it works. We have also shared some important features which you should consider when choosing the web hosting for your website. We would also recommend you to visit our website as we have shared some great hosting guides which will help you along the process.