Is GoDaddy Managed WordPress Hosting Good? Reviewed Result

Godaddy Managed WordPress Hosting is a good low-cost budget package. Prices start at $9.99 per month, making it one of the cheapest managed hosting deals. It is limited to hosting one website but has 30 GB of storage and backups.

Godaddy Managed WordPress Hosting has a user-friendly interface when it comes to building websites through WordPress.

WordPress itself is a great system for beginners – users can easily build websites and post content through it, without the need for a deep understanding of the technical know-how of website development and management. But as time passes by, websites grow – they harbor more visitors and more content is uploaded on the website. More tasks are added to website owners such as:

  • Updating WordPress for bug fixes and optimization of the website’s performance
  • Manage the plugins and find safe plugins that can be used with new content
  • Create backups of WordPress and your website content

These things can take a heavy toll for non-tech savvies, which is why Managed Hosting or Managed WordPress Hosting is available. Read the different sections of this article to know more about this type of hosting and let’s find out whether the GoDaddy Managed WordPress Hosting is good. 

What is GoDaddy Managed WordPress Hosting?

GoDaddy Managed WordPress Hosting is a hosting service offered by GoDaddy that is specifically tailored for WordPress users. The Managed Hosting Service or otherwise known as managed WordPress hosting, aims to help website owners in making their website grow even more by lifting the technical tasks in managing a WordPress site. Some of the tasks that are now managed by the host instead of the website owners themselves include:

  • Installing WordPress and WordPress core updates
  • Server Caching
  • Automating Daily Backups 
  • Updating security as you install plugins and upload more content

Simply put, the term Managed Hosting means that technical and administrative tasks are now handled by the host, and website owners can focus on achieving the desired growth of their website.

What is Included in GoDaddy Managed WordPress Hosting?

GoDaddy Managed WordPress Hosting service has many plans that you can choose from depending on your need and budget. But most of these plans have standard inclusions. Here are some of the features included in a GoDaddy Managed WordPress Hosting plan:

Free Domain Name

Annual plans of GoDaddy managed to host are provided with a free domain. A temporary domain is also available in the case that you have not decided yet with a domain name. 

Security and Built-In Caching

The built-in caching feature solves the need for added plugins or purchasing another service. All plans under Managed WordPress hosting have built-in caching ensuring that your website is running at a high-performance speed.  Daily Malware Scan is also included in all plans making sure that your websites are protected from any possible threat. 

Customer Support

Even if the technical and administrative tasks are lifted from website owners, there’s still a chance that you might encounter errors, or you might have questions that need answers from a technical person. With GoDaddy’s customer support, you can file for a customer support ticket, or to resolve things faster you can give their hotline a quick call. 

WordPress Site Migration

If you have an existing WordPress site, you can easily transfer your website and its contents to the GoDaddy server with this tool. This will surely save existing website owners from manually transferring their files and content from one server to another 

Quick Setup Option

This feature is perfect for beginners as GoDaddy provides easy-to-understand interactions on how to set up their website. Just follow the instructions and you’ll be able to create your website in no time.

Money-Back Guarantee

If ever a user decides to cancel within 48 hours of monthly plans or 30 days of annual plans, they are refunded with the full amount charged to them. With this type of guarantee, website owners won’t have to worry about wasting money if ever they change their mind within the specified period. 

Business Email

A business email addressed through your website’s domain is available on the first year of hosting – perfect for those who want to have a professional or business email address. 

Automatic WordPress Installation and Update

The core updates of WordPress are essential because they help in fixing bugs on both the website owner and visitor’s side. Improvement on both sides will lead to easier management and updating of the website whereas owners will have a better experience when they visit your website.

What are the Limitations of GoDaddy Managed WordPress Hosting?

Website and Domain Limitation

A limitation GoDaddy is that it does not support multiple websites under one hosting plan. Even in shared hosting, most plans can support multiple websites.

If you’re managing multiple websites, you might not be able to register your websites under one hosting plan, and hosting them all under one host provider will end up costing you more.  

Plugins Security

A list of plugins is blacklisted in GoDaddy Managed WordPress Hosting service. The purpose of blacklisting is to avoid the installation of plugins that can potentially harm your website. For websites that need or require more plugins, you might need to spend more time on finding alternative plugins if one of your plugins is blacklisted

GoDaddy Managed WordPress Hosting Plans

There are three plans under GoDaddy Managed WordPress Hosting all of which cater to specific needs and budgets. Look at the summarized table below for the available plans:

BasicDeluxeUltimateE commerce
No. of Websites1111
Monthly Visitor Capacity25000100000UnlimitedUnlimited
SSD Storage30GB75GBUnlimitedUnlimited
Email Accounts1111
SEO OptimizationNoYesYesYes
SSL CertificateNoNoYesYes
Marketing CreditNoNo$550$550
Staging EnvironmentNoYesYesYes
Shipping Rate CalculationNoNoNoNo
Bookings, Appointments SchedulingNoNoNoNo

GoDaddy Managed WordPress Hosting vs. Bluehost Grow vs. Siteground GrowBig

Aside from GoDaddy, other website hosting providers also provide managed WordPress hosting. There are two things that set GoDaddy from other hosting services:

  • GoDaddy Hosting has a higher visitor capacity compared to other hosts.
  • In terms of SSD Storage, the GoDaddy Managed WordPress Hosting service gives you the best value for your money.

Here’s a quick summary of the comparison of the middle tier packages of three of 2020’s top Managed Hosting Service providers: 

GoDaddy UltimateBluehost GrowSiteGround GrowBig
No. of Websites1UnlimitedUnlimited
Monthly Visitor CapacityUnlimited Not Stated25000 
SSD StorageUnlimitedUnlimited20GB
Email Accounts111
SEO OptimizationYesYesNo
Daily BackupsYesYesYes
Staging EnvironmentNoYesYes
Site MigrationYesNoYes

Is GoDaddy Managed WordPress Hosting Good?

All types of hosting have different advantages and disadvantages, but for GoDaddy, Managed Hosting it is a good choice for website owners who:

  1. Own and manage one website only
  2. Has a high number of website visitors
  3. Has lots of large-sized contents on their website

With the factors taken above, the GoDaddy Managed WordPress Hosting is a great deal on a budget – website owners can have features advantageous for their websites and get a great package for the money they are paying for.