Hostinger vs. Hostgator vs. Bluehost: Features Compared

Hostinger provides a low-cost service for users with a host of features. Hostgator is also low priced with SEO features a key for them. Bluehost has a higher price point but is backed with its reputation as a solid provider. 

In an age where digital information is dominating the world, more and more websites containing various knowledge and information that used to be printed in paper have surged. This led to more website hosting service companies to offer competitive packages for website owners. Bluehost, Hostinger, and Hostgator are website hosting providers included in CNet’s Top 10 

Website Hosting Providers for 2020 – demonstrating their prowess in when it comes to providing services to website owners looking for hosts. 

Although most website hosting service providers have well-rounded packages, some website hosts offer features unique to their service while some offer specific services at a cheaper cost. Let’s find out more about these service providers and what they offer under their plans. 


Hostinger was founded in 2004, based in Lithuania. During its establishment, its goal is to provide access to users in order to create websites for free without restrictions on PHP, MySQL, and any forced advertisements popping out on your website.

Hostinger is known for its super cheap solution, availability of LiteSpeed caching in all their packages, and their user-friendly features which make their packages friendly to beginners. 


Founded in 2002, Hostgator was established in Florida, USA. It is a full-service hosting company – meaning it offers almost all types of plans and hosting that every website owner could possibly need. Hostgator is a better choice for startup businesses as their plans have features customized to that type of website. 


Bluehost is probably the most popular among the three hosts mentioned above – it is also a recommended host by WordPress. The most popular feature of Bluehost is the inclusion of a free domain in the first year of the purchased plan.

Most website owners whose websites are hosted by Bluehost enjoy the availability of important features such as unlimited storage and daily backups even at the lowest-priced plans. 

Feature Comparison: Hostinger vs. Hostgator vs. Bluehost

Let’s dig on the different features included in the plans offered under the shared website hosting service offered by Hostinger, Hostgator, and Bluehost. Each feature is listed below and the inclusivity of each feature is compared and detailed in each table. 


Most beginners who are still looking for a host and learning about building websites do not own a domain yet. While some experienced website owners already have a domain. The domain of your website will be used by visitors to access your website and is sometimes bought separately from the hosting plan.  In this comparison, we’ll see whether which host can cater best to website owners who already have experience as well as those who are just starting out. 

Domains1 Free (Available only on selected Plans)1 Free to Unlimited 1 Free to Unlimited 

Bluehost and Hostgator prevail as they offer at least 1 free domain even in their lowest-priced plan.

No. of Websites

Some users have multiple websites to manage and are looking for hosts that can cater to multiple sites. In the table below, all three hosts cater at least one website on their basic package and have no limits on their other packages.

Websites1 Free to Unlimited No. of Websites1 Free to Unlimited No. of Websites 1 Free to Unlimited No. of Websites


If you’re expecting a heavy number of visitors on a daily basis, you might want to consider the bandwidth your host offers to ensure that your visitors enjoy an optimal experience when browsing through your website. 

Bandwidth10GB to UnlimitedUnlimitedUnmetered

Site Migration Tool

A site migration tool is a feature that is extremely useful for users with an existing website. When they are transferring from one host to another, site migration tools offered by hosts relieve them from the hassle of transferring files manually. 

Site MigrationFree LimitedFree LimitedFree for WordPress Site Only; Full website transfer costs $149.99 

In this comparison, Hostgator is the clear winner as it offers free site migration for new accounts and granted that transfer is done within 30 days of the creation of account. Hostgator also transfers sites on an “as-is” basis, meaning there is no change in the configuration of the transferred files. 

Email with Spam Protection

Hosts that provide email accounts to website owners give them a more convenient way of accessing their communications. Additionally, for websites that are used for business or commercial purposes, email accounts can also be personalized so they are hosted under the owner’s personal domain – making their email addresses look more professional. 

Email Accounts1 to 100 Unlimited AccountsUnlimitedAvailable only on selected Plans

All hosts provide email accounts but vary in quantity in cost and availability, most depend on the plan purchased by the user. But for Hostgator, unlimited email accounts are provided to all plans. 


Having a backup is very important for almost any type of website. Backups provide security to website owners in the case that their website files become damaged or corrupted unexpectedly. This feature is also essential for websites that are uploading sensitive and confidential information on their website. 

BackupWeekly to Daily Backups (Available on selected plans only)AnyTime Backup (User-Initiated)Available only on selected Plans

All hosts offer backups but at different frequencies and costs. For Hostinger, depending on the type of plan, they offer it on a weekly or daily basis; their most basic package does not include any type of backup at all. For Bluehost, site backup is only available on their upper-middle tier and premium packages. 

Space Storage

Space storage is quite important for website owners who are uploading lots of media content – videos, photos, and document files as these can take up a significant amount of space. Take a look at the comparison of space storage offered by the three hosts:

StorageUnmeteredUnmetered50G to Unlimited

Hostgator and Hostinger prevail against Bluehost as they have unmetered space storage. Hostgator does not enforce a hard limit on the space but users are expected to comply in their terms of service and if there are any concerns with your space utilization, it is possible that you may be contacted. 

Hostinger does not enforce a limit also but they are strict in uploading copyrighted content into their server.  For Bluehost and Hostinger, limits are explicitly defined depending on the plan purchased by the user. 

1st Year and Renewal Cost (Monthly)

The first-year costs of most website hosting service providers are usually cheaper than renewal costs. When looking for a host that you wish to partner with for a long time, both features should be considered. 

1st Year Monthly  Cost$0.99 – $3.99$2.75-$5.95$2.95-$13.95
Renewal Year Monthly Cost$2.15-$7.95$10.95-$16.95$8.99-$25.99

As seen on the table, Hostinger offers the most affordable packages amongst the three hosts. 

SSL Certification

SSL Certification has become essential to all website hosting providers in order to provide security to website owners and visitors. Evidently, the three hosts give importance to this feature as all of them include SSL Certificates on all their packages.

SSL CertificationFreeFreeFree

Modes of Customer Support

Customer support is also another essential for website owners as it is a channel for them to maintain the uptime and resolution of any issues encountered on their website. Recently, providers have varied the different modes wherein customers can seek support for the resolution of their issues. Take a look at the different modes of customer support provided by each host. 

Modes of Customer SupportEmail, Chat, Knowledge Base and Ticket System Email, Chat, Phone, Knowledge Base and Ticket System Email, Chat, Phone, Knowledge Base and Ticket System 

Other Features Included

Features that are not usually included in the most standard website hosting packages are the features that actually help users realize which host they prefer as some features may be suitable on one type of website such as a personal website but may not be suitable to a business website. Check out the other features offered by Hostinger, Hostgator and Bluehost

SSL CertificationLiteSpeed CachingDNS Management99.99% Uptime GuaranteeSSH AccountsGithub Integration*Access ManagerUnlimited Cronjobs*Dedicated IP**Anonymous FTP**$100 Credit Google Adwords$100 Credit BingSEO ToolsUpgrade to Positive SSLAutomated Backup*Google My Business$200 Credit Marketing Offers

*Available in middle-tier plans only

**Available in premium plans only

The features for Hostinger are perfect for those who have technical knowledge in managing and building websites as most of them give users more freedom and flexibility to make changes on their website. 

Features for Hostgator are perfect for SEO websites while Bluehost plans are perfect for business websites. 

Other Types of Hosting Offered

For owners who have more specific needs on their website, they might need another type of hosting other than Shared Web Hosting. Take a look at the other hosting services offered by each host:

Other Types of HostingCloud Hosting
Email Hosting
WordPress Hosting
VPS Hosting
WordPress Hosting
Website Builder
VPS Hosting
Dedicated Hosting
WordPress Hosting
WP Pro Hosting
eCommerce Hosting
VPS Hosting
Dedicated Hosting

Plans Comparison: Hostinger vs. Hostgator vs. Bluehost

Under the Shared website hosting service of Hostinger, Hostgator, and Bluehost, they all offer different plans for users to choose from. The range of these plans is from basic to premium in terms of cost and features included. Check out the comparison of the plans for each host below:


Hostinger has three plans under their shared website hosting service – the plans are designed for personal websites to small business websites. The most popular among the three plans is the Premium Shared Hosting plan. 

Single SharedPremium SharedBusiness Shared
1st Year Cost$0.99 per month$2.89 per month$3.99per month
Annual Renewal After 1st Year$2.15 per month$3.49 per month$7.95 per month
Free Domains Included in PlanNone11
No. of Websites1UnlimitedUnlimited
Email Accounts1UnlimitedUnlimited
Space StorageUnmeteredUnmeteredUnmetered
Bandwidth100 GBUnlimitedUnlimited
Allocated Resource1x2x4x
LiteSpeed CacheIncludedIncludedIncluded
FTP Account1UnlimitedUnlimited
MySQL Database1UnlimitedUnlimited
SSH AccessNot IncludedIncludedIncluded
BackupsNot IncludedWeeklyIncluded


Just like Hostinger, Hostgator also has three plans under their shared website hosting service. The most popular among the three is the Baby Plan: 

Hatchling PlanBaby PlanBusiness Plan
1st Year Cost$2.75 per month$3.95 per month$5.95 per month
Annual Renewal After 1st Year$10.95 per month$11.95 per month$16.95 per month
Free Domains Included in PlanNone11
No. of Websites1UnlimitedUnlimited
Email Accounts1UnlimitedUnlimited
Space StorageUnmeteredUnmeteredUnmetered
Bandwidth100 GBUnlimitedUnlimited
Dedicated IPNoneNoneFree
Positive SSL UpgradeNoneNoneFree
FTP AccountUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Anonymous FTPNoneNoneIncluded
SEO ToolsNoneNoneIncluded


Bluehost has four plans being offered rather than the usual three. The recommended and popular plan amongst the four is the Bluehost Choice Plus plan. 

Bluehost BasicBluehost PlusBluehost Choice PlusBluehost Pro
1st Year Cost$2.95 per month$4.95 per month$5.45 per month$13.95 per month
Annual Renewal After 1st Year$8.99 per month$12.99 per month$16.99 per month$25.99 per month
Free Domains Included in Plan1111
Parked Domains Allowed5UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Subdomains Allowed25UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
SSD Storage50 GBUnmeteredUnmeteredUnmetered
Email Accounts5UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Email Storage per Account100 MBUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
SpamExpertsNoneIncludedIncluded2 Included 
Advanced BackupNoneNoneIncludedIncluded
SSL CertificateIncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
Customer SupportIncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
Marketing OfferNone$200 Included$200 Included$200 Included
Domain PrivacyNoneNoneNoneIncluded
Dedicated IPNoneNoneNoneIncluded


Both three hosts provide quality hosting, but each host also has different strengths and the inclusivity of their plans can be categorized to different users. Here’s a quick conclusion as to what type of website owners and websites should be with each host. 

Perfect for users who are looking for a cheap host with basic tools needed for website building.
Suitable for personal websites or small business websites.
Suitable for technically-adept users.
With the features included in Hostinger’s plan, they get more value for their money.
Optimized for websites focused on SEO-related content.
Features included are perfect for small to large scale business websites. 
Recommended for WordPress hosted websites.
Best for websites that are carrying heavy media content as it provides backup and unlimited storage.