Does web hosting affect SEO rankings? Rank Higher

Google is the biggest search engine in the world and it also generates the biggest chunk of traffic for most websites. If you want to get the traffic on your website then you will need to rank on it using the Search Engine Optimization techniques.

However, when it comes to SEO, many webmasters usually ignore the importance of Web hosting which can practically make or break your ranking on search engines. Let’s take a look at how web hosting affects SEO rankings.

Does Web Hosting Affect SEO Rankings?

From 2010 Google stated that slow sites will have a negative effect against them, especially on mobile as their data is limited. Slow load times will cause higher bounce rates and risk returning views. 

If you have invested a lot of time on keywords, content optimization, on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and backlinks but still your website is not getting good results then it is time to look into your hosting. In this section, we will comprehensively explain how Web hosting affects SEO rankings.

When it comes to hosting companies, you will need to consider the following factors which can affect your SEO rankings.

  • Server Uptime & Downtime
  • Page Load Speed
  • Location of Server
  • Security

Server Uptime & Downtime

If you are an experienced webmaster then you have probably heard these two terms: Uptime & Downtime. Uptime is a duration where your website is accessible to the users and they can use it. Downtime is the period during which your website is not accessible to the users.

When it comes to Server Uptime & Downtime, the vast majority of hosting companies promise the 99% uptime. In simple terms, it means that during 100 hours your website may not be unavailable for 1 hour, and during that 1 hour, your users won’t be able to access it. If your website experiences frequent downtime then search engines can mark your website as an unreliable website that will affect your SEO ranking.

That’s why, If you want a better ranking on search engines then you should pick the hosting company that guarantees the 99.99% uptime as no company can guarantee the 100% uptime because there can be problems. However, you shouldn’t accept anything below 99.99% and only pick the hosting company that has a great track record. 

If your website hosting provider is not offering the committed 99.99% uptime and your website is experiencing the frequent downtime then you should contact customer support and ask them to solve it by moving your website to a stable server. If the issue still persists then you should move your website to reliable hosting.

Page Load Speed

When it comes to SEO rankings, page load speed is another factor that is directly linked with web hosting. In 2010, Google explicitly categorized Page loading speed as one of the most important factors in its ranking so you should ensure that your website pages load quickly. 

The page load speed is very critical for the performance of your website because if your website doesn’t load fast then your website will experience a greater bounce rate. The ideal page load time is 2-4 seconds and most users, normally only wait a few seconds, if the website is slow, they usually move on to the next result.

Now, if your website is experiencing the slow loading and everything from your side is perfect then it could be due to the web hosting. If you are sure about it then you can request the hosting company to move your website to another server. 

Location of Server

Another factor that greatly affects the SEO ranking is the location of Servers. When you host your website on a server, you get the IP Address which is directly associated with the geographical location of the server, and Google usually prefers the relevant search results from the website hosted in the same country. 

For example, if your targeted audience is from the US but your website is hosted on a server in Singapore then it can affect your ranking. When your targeted user from the USA will type the keyword and search, Google will prefer the results for a specific keyword from websites hosted in the USA, and websites from other regions will get the second priority. 

That’s why we would recommend you to pick the server near to your targeted location as it will help your website rank on Google and reach your targeted audience. Also, when your server is near to your targeted user-base, your website will load more quickly as compared to a website hosted in a distant server.


Security is another factor that mainly affects the SEO ranking of your website. If your website hosting is not secure enough then the people, who don’t want your website to perform well, can add malicious links to the backend and compromise your website which can result in a lower ranking. 

However, you can ensure that it doesn’t happen to your website by using features such as spam protection, malware protection, DDos Attack prevention, and others. 

Also, if you want to make your website trusted then don’t forget to use the SSL certificate (HTTPS) as it will not only secure your website but it will also help you get better rankings on Google and other search engines. Moreover, your users will also feel safe when they will notice that your website is encrypted. 

How to Transfer Web Hosting from one company to another?

If your web hosting company is not good enough and you want to transfer your website to another hosting company then the process is pretty simple. The first thing you will need to do is to pick the best hosting company and then you will need to create the backup.

After that, you will need to upload the data on new hosting, and then you will need to change the DNS. If you need more details then you can check our guide where we have shared the complete procedure in detail here


A bad hosting certainly affects the SEO rankings of your website so you must regularly check the above-mentioned factors to ensure that your web hosting is not affecting the SEO rankings of your website. Google loves fast and reliable websites, and if your website is one of them then it will give you a better ranking. Also, if you want to learn more about hosting then our website is the ultimate resource for you!