What Is The Difference Between WordPress Hosting and Web Hosting?

WordPress Hosting and Web Hosting are platforms to serve your website to the public. They are often used and some might even interchange them or be confused by them. If you’re looking to know as to how these two terms are similar or different to each other, let’s get to know the definition of each term.

Definition of Web Hosting

By technical definition, website hosting or web hosting is a term used to describe a service about hosting a website and providing all resources needed to host the website – server, domain, storage, etc. 

But for website owners and internet savvies, website hosting refers to Shared Hosting or a dedicated server.. Shared hosting is a  form of website hosting wherein various websites are hosted in the same server, so all resources are shared – space, uptime, bandwidth. All websites sharing one server will have the same server updates, firewalls, and security. Shared hosting also supports many platforms such as WordPress, Joomla, PHP, and MySQL. 

Definition of WordPress Hosting

WordPress Hosting is another type of website hosting that is tailored to specific users – users who use WordPress as their content management system. Other content management systems cannot be used to run websites with this type of hosting. 

Websites are still sharing the resources of one server but since the platform is only hosting WordPress-run websites. This type of hosting tends to provide owners better performance to customers because of the customized form of hosting. 

A Comparison of WordPress Hosting and Web Hosting

Venn Diagram created through LucidChart

There are two main differences between Web Hosting and WordPress Hosting but from the Venn diagram above, one can conclude that both types of hosting have many similarities and differences. Let’s a tackle in detail how each feature compares to both types of hosting:

Content Management System Supported

WordPress HostingWeb Hosting
Supports WordPress onlySupports various content management systems (WordPress, Joomla & Drupal)

The key difference between WordPress Hosting and Web Hosting is the platform supported by each host. WordPress hosting only hosts websites that are managed through WordPress while Web Hosting hosts websites that can be run on different platforms. 

Features and Modifications

WordPress HostingWeb Hosting
Limited WordPress plugins supported.
Pre-installed WordPress 
WordPress theme-based website layout.
Various plugins and software can be installed on your website.
Layout and design can be created from scratch or platform-based template.

Because WordPress hosting only supports WordPress, the features offered for that type of hosting is limited to what is available supported by WordPress. While with Web Hosting, it is more flexible and open to support web-based software, platforms, and modifications of the website’s layout and user interface. 


WordPress HostingWeb Hosting
Custom security features for WordPress websitesStandard security features offered in shared hosting packages

Although both types of hosting cater to websites, each hosting package has specific features suited to the type of website it is hosting. 

For WordPress Hosting, the security offered is tailored to WordPress – specific attacks like hacking of encrypted posts, deletion of archived posts. Since WordPress is such a popular content management system and is open-source, it has also become more vulnerable to be attacked by hackers. If you’re going to post sensitive content on your website, security features should likely be customized to the sensitivity of the data you’re sharing.

For Web Hosting, since it hosts websites that are open in catering to various platforms and content management systems, security features are more flexible and cover a wider range of possible attacks to the website hosted. 

Shared Server

WordPress HostingWeb Hosting
Only WordPress-hosted websites share a server.  Websites that are running in various platforms share a server. 

The type of sharing of servers on each type of hosting is also another key difference between WordPress hosting and web hosting. Since WordPress hosting supports sites that only run in WordPress, they are allocated a specific server making the performance of each website optimal; whereas for web-hosted sites, although they have different platforms or structures they are sharing the same server. 

Customer Support

WordPress HostingWeb Hosting
Customer support is customized for WordPress-related queries and problems.Customer support caters to a wide range of website-related errors and problems.

Both types of hosting offer customer support which is convenient to customers. But there is a small difference when it comes to the people or type of support offered. 

WordPress Hosting vs Web Hosting: Advantages and Disadvantages

Most website owners change to a different type of hosting from time to time in order to improve the performance of their website. If you’re choosing between these two types of hosting – Website Hosting vs. WordPress Hosting, you might take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of each hosting in the comparison table below: 

WordPress HostingWeb Hosting
AdvantagesOptimized website performance due to predictable resource usage of WordPress sites.
Customized security features.
Customized customer support.
Server updates are optimized for WordPress websites.
More platforms and software supported.
A wider range of customer support is offered.
Flexible modification of website layout and design.
Hosting is capable to adapt to any changes on the website.
DisadvantagesLimited WordPress plugins supported due to the platform limitation.
The only option to modify website design is through WordPress themes.
Security features are not customized to the website’s platform.
Site performance is dependent on resource usage of the other websites that share the server. 

As mentioned a number of plugins are not supported via WordPress Hosting, this, however, should not stop you from hosting your site on there, The plugins that you are not allowed to use are ones that can accuse a security breach, reduce the performance with bloat, create large databases that clog-up your storage and SPAM plugins that can cause problems for your domain. 

The majority of plugins are available to use and should not cause concern. Before deciding which hosting package you want, check the list of plugins that cannot be used on this list by Hostgator here.

What Is The Difference Between WordPress Hosting and Web Hosting?

The two key differences between WordPress Hosting and Web Hosting are as follows:

  1. Content management system supported for each type of hosting is different -WordPress hosting only supports WordPress whereas Web Hosting is open to support various platforms.
  2. The server allocated for WordPress Hosting only hosts WordPress websites whereas the server allocated for Web Hosting can cater to any website. 

Some services and features are common in both types of hosting such as customer support, security, and server sharing although some features have been customized to tailor to the platform supported by each type of hosting.