What are the Advantages of Dedicated Server hosting?

Dedicated Server Hosting is the type of hosting plan where the hosting company dedicates an entire server and resources to your website. In dedicated server hosting, your website gets exclusive access to entire resources and better security. It also offers more control over the resources and you can configure the server according to your requirements.

In the world of web hosting, there are a variety of web hosting plans available that are geared toward the different types of websites. Dedicated Server Hosting is a web hosting plan in which you get the dedicated server only for your website. Dedicated Hosting is an ideal hosting plan for large websites or organizations with a lot of traffic on their websites. 

If you are interested in getting dedicated web hosting for your business then you will have questions in your mind such as: What are the advantages of dedicated server hosting? Is dedicated server hosting better than cloud hosting? And we will provide answers to these questions. Let’s take a look at the advantages of Dedicated Server hosting and how it can serve your business. 

What is Dedicated Server Hosting?

Dedicated Server Hosting is the type of hosting plan in which the web hosting company dedicates a server and all of its resources to your website. Dedicated Server hosting is considered an ideal option for organizations or websites with a lot of traffic because it can provide the resources which your website needs.

What are the Advantages of dedicated Server Hosting?

Dedicated Server Hosting is a premium hosting plan and it comes with tons of great advantages. These are the main advantages of Dedicated Server Hosting.

  • Resources
  • Speed
  • Service 
  • Security
  • Maintenance

Advantages of Dedicated Server Hosting

Exclusive Access to Resources 

The biggest advantage of dedicated server hosting is that the company will dedicate an entire server to your website and only your website will have exclusive access to all resources. When you use shared hosting, your website shares all the resources of the server with other websites and as a result, your website gets problems. 

However, when you use the dedicated server hosting, your website won’t have to share its resources with any other website and your website has all the resources at its disposal 24/7.


Dedicated servers are built to handle large client requests. Normally sites use dedicated servers when they experience high numbers of visitors each day. The processing capabilities are greatly increased when there is only one site to host – this speeds up your site by concentrating the servers to one IP address. 

When hosting on a shared network the processor processes all of the visitors using that host. A shared server can sometimes host up to 400 sites! Without those other 399 sites, your site is dedicated to all of the power and this results in super speeds. 


Another great advantage of dedicated server hosting is that you get the freedom to configure the server according to your requirement. When you use shared hosting, the company allocates the resources and software for your website which may not be enough. 

In the case of a dedicated server, you can add the applications of your choice to accommodate your website needs. You can easily choose the platforms, software, or applications that you want to install on your website without any restrictions.

On top of that, dedicated server hosting can also boost the loading speed of your website which will ultimately lead to better user experience. We have discussed the whole topic in detail on how web hosting affects SEO Ranking.


One of the main reasons why large companies and websites prefer to use dedicated server hosting is that it offers better security than shared hosting. When you have the dedicated server, only your website gets the access to it which means the chances of failures are less as compared to shared hosting where your website resides on a server with multiple other websites and if one website compromises then there are chances that it might affect your website as well. 

Also, the hosting companies use advanced security technologies to protect your website from malware, hacking attempts, DDoS attacks, and more. On top of that, you can also install your own security applications as an extra layer of security to protect your website and data. 


Maintaining your own server can be a very expensive operation. It requires a dedicated team and a lot of resources which is not a wise choice for growing companies. That’s why many companies go for dedicated server hosting which offers the company the resources it needs, without any additional expenses. All you have to do is to pay the fee and let the hosting company worry about the operations. 

Is Dedicated Server Hosting better than Cloud Hosting?

Before we get to the actual question, you must understand: What is cloud hosting? Cloud Hosting is a virtualized hosting platform on the servers known as bare metal servers. In simple words, each bare metal server has several virtual servers and each virtual server comes with its dedicated resources. 

If we compare both hosting plans then we see that a dedicated server can offer better performance as compared to the Cloud Server because it has more resources. So, if your website requires a lot of resources and you also want great performance the Dedicated Server hosting is a better option for you.

Where can I buy a dedicated Server?

Not all web hosting companies offer dedicated server hosting plans but popular companies such as Bluehost and others offer dedicated server plans. You can either pick the default dedicated server hosting plans or you can contact the customer support and share your requirements. They will help you pick the right dedicated server hosting plan for your website or company.


These are the various advantages of dedicated server hosting. If your website has a lot of traffic and you need a reliable hosting plan then dedicated server hosting is an ideal option for you. See our website articles for more useful guides on web hosting.