A2 Hosting vs. NameHero Hosting

Two of the most competitive hosting companies are A2 Hosting and NameHero. Both offer value for money from their basic package to premium at similar price points. Some variations are a free domain and slight differences between the data offered. Other service differences are the server locations and server type.

Choosing the right hosting company is important as you will sign up with them for a year or two. So it is right to compare packages to ensure that you are getting one that is right for you. We cover every aspect of each hosting provider to keep you informed. 

NameHero Hosting Features

NameHero is one of the up and coming website hosting service providers that has caught the attention of many website owners because of their unique offerings and detailed transparency of services. It was founded only in 2015 and operates using the latest technology and hardware. What sets their hosting service apart from other popular hosting service providers is that 

NameHero utilizes cloud technology, ensuring the websites they’re hosting have a fast load time and are capable of handling high traffic. NameHero is a hidden gem in the hosting world, but we will cover all aspects so that you know all the details required to make the right choice. 

There are many features included in the NameHero packages, depending on the hosting plan you’re purchasing but the inclusions listed below are basic inclusions which are included in all shared hosting packages. 

LiteSpeed Web Servers

The websites under NameHero are hosted under LiteSpeed servers instead of the traditional Apache servers enabling it to handle more visitors per day or traffic and handling DDOS attacks. LiteSpeed servers are also nine times faster than Apache servers. If you’re running a website with a high number of visitors per day, NameHero’s usage of LiteSpeed web servers will definitely be an advantage for you.

SSD Raid 10 Storage

Website owners will be able to store and quickly access their website files with ease as NameHero utilizes true solid-state drives. 


If you’re an experienced website owner, you won’t have a problem managing your website as NameHero also provides the latest version of cPanel – where you can easily manage the contents of your website and check out some of your website’s statistics. 

SSL Certificate

Some hosts only offer SSL Certification for certain packages, but for NameHero, SSL certificates are issued to all plans.

Daily Backup

Another great feature that’s included in all plans is the availability of a daily backup. Website owners won’t have to pay extra just for backup as they are ensured that their files are secured with every plan they take on NameHero.

Email Accounts with Spam Protection

Email accounts are also provided to website owners along with spam protection – convenience and protection provided altogether, which is perfect for business or commercial websites. 

Customer Support

Together with the utilization of modern methods, customer support is available to customers, 24/7. Customers can either contact them through phone, website, or email. 

Other Types of Hosting Offered

Aside from Shared Hosting, NameHero also provides other types of hosting such as:

  1. WordPress Hosting
  2. Reseller Hosting
  3. VPS Hosting
  4. Cloud Dedicated Hosting

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A2 Hosting Features

A2 Hosting is a website hosting service provider since 2001 – with more experience, they provide more types of hosting services and cheaper introductory price to hosting. Along with their fast servers that are lauded by website hosting service reviewers and Guru Crew support team, A2 Hosting can provide a decent and efficient hosting for your website. 

Let’s find out more about A2 Hosting’s unique inclusions listed below section. 

Choice of Data Center Location

Website owners are given the chance to select a data center that’s close to their major visitors – this helps in decreasing latency and load time for visitors. A great feature for website owners whose website is catered to specific and local visitors. 

Site Migration

If you already have an existing website that is hosted by another provider, you can easily transfer all of your website content through A2 Hosting’s site migration tool. This feature is perfect for those who are just looking to shift to another hosting service provider instead of building a new website from scratch.

Anycast DNS

A2 Hosting utilizes Anycast DNS which copies your website’s DNS record to A2 Hosting’s network of global servers. This results in faster load time when accessing websites even for your website visitors who are on the other side of the world. 

Customer Support

A2 Hosting provides efficient and friendly customer support representatives that help website owners in resolving issues encountered in their websites. They also have many knowledge articles that are useful when you’re trying to learn and fix issues with your website. 

Free Hack Scan

HackScan is a monitoring service that looks out for malware and other types of cyber-attacks 24/7. The availability of this feature means that your website is secured and constantly protected against any threat. 

Other Types of Hosting Services Offered

Being established almost twenty years ago, A2 Hosting now offers a specific and more comprehensive type of hosting services, such as: 

  1. WordPress Hosting
  2. Managed WordPress Hosting
  3. Reseller Hosting
  4. VPS Hosting
  5. Managed VPS Hosting
  6. Cloud VPS Hosting
  7. Dedicated Server Hosting
  8. Email Hosting

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NameHero Hosting vs. A2 Hosting: Standard Inclusions Comparison

Shown below is a comparison table of the shared website hosting service offered by NameHero and A2 Hosting.

A2 HostingNameHero
Hosting TechnologyShared Server BasedShared Cloud Server Based
ServerStandard Apache LiteSpeed (only in Turbo Plans)LiteSpeed
Initial Monthly Cost$9.99$9.58
Renewal Monthly Cost$20.99$19.95
DomainNot Included1 Free Domain
Data Center Locations3  – USA, Europe, and Asia (The client can choose her preferred location)2 – USA and Europe
Customer Support24/7 Available24/7 Available
Site MigrationAvailableAvailable
Malware DetectionAvailableAvailable
WordPress SupportAvailableAvailable
Email AccountAvailableAvailable

If you’re wanting to get the most value for your money, you won’t go wrong with both providers but you’ll be able to maximize the amount you’re paying with NameHero – they have cheaper pricing on a long-term perspective and they have LiteSpeed caching on all its plans. 

NameHero Hosting vs. A2 Hosting: Packages Comparison

Both A2 Hosting and NameHero Hosting offer four plans for their shared website hosting service – basic, two middle-tier packages, and a premium package. Below is a table of comparison of each package. If you’re on the verge of deciding which host and what specific package you’d like, you might be able to decide with the information shown on the tables below:

A2 Hosting Packages

Basic PackagesLower Middle-Tier PackagesUpper Middle-Tier PackagesPremium Packages
A2 Hosting’s StartupA2 Hosting’s StartupA2 Hosting’s TurboA2 Hosting’s Turbo Max
1st Year Monthly Cost$2.99$4.99$9.99$14.99
Renewal Monthly Cost$10.99$12.99$20.99$25.99
Space Storage100GB100GBUnlimitedUnlimited
Email AccountsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Website BuilderIncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
Website StagingIncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
BackupNot IncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
DDoS ProtectionIncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded

NameHero Hosting Packages

Basic PackagesLower Middle-Tier PackagesUpper Middle-Tier PackagesPremium Packages
NameHero’s Starter CloudNameHero’s Plus CloudNameHero’s Turbo CloudNameHero’s Business Cloud
1st Year Monthly Cost$4.30$6.22$9.58$14.38
Renewal Monthly Cost$8.95$12.95$19.95$29.95
Domain1 Free Domain1 Free Domain1 Free Domain1 Free Domain
Space StorageUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Email AccountsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Website BuilderIncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
Website StagingIncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
DDoS ProtectionIncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
DatabaseMySQL or MariaDBMySQL or MariaDBMySQL or MariaDBMySQL or MariaDB

A2 Hosting vs. NameHero Hosting

From the information and tabulated comparison above, we can conclude that A2 Hosting and NameHero Hosting both offer great packages to website owners. As a summary, we’ll be listing down the key differences, advantages, and disadvantages between the two hosts. 

  1. NameHero hosts websites through their private cloud while A2 Hosting uses traditional dedicated servers. 
  2. Server caching is available in all plans of NameHero while for A2 Hosting it is only available on Turbo Cloud and Turbo Max.


Each host has its own set of advantages, but if you’re a website owner contemplating which host you should go to, better check out the advantages of each host to see which fits for your need:

A2 HostingNameHero Hosting
Cheaper 1st Year Monthly Cost
LiteSpeed server available on all plans
More Data Center LocationsAll plans have 1 free domain
Unlimited websites available at a cheaper costBigger RAM
More types of hosting services offeredDaily Backup on all plans
Cheaper Monthly Renewal Cost


Below is a list of each host’s disadvantages. Take note of each item and assess as to which one will impact your website the most.

A2 HostingNameHero Hosting
More Expensive Renewal CostsUnlimited websites only available on more expensive plans
Turbo Servers available only on selected plansMore expensive 1st-year monthly cost on plans
No free domain
Smaller RAM 
Backup not available on all plans

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